About Minimee

Thank you for stopping by! 

We are a husband & wife team, parents of 2 amazing girls and owners of Minimeebaby Store. We are based in Calgary and we are here to bring you these beautiful & educational toys for your children.

We being parents ourselves, have faced that anxiety of becoming parents the first time & then continuously learning as our children grow older.

We research to bring you toys which are goal oriented, open ended as well as encourage creativity.

Our rentals provide toys based on the child's developmental stages and the boxes gradually increase in complexity.

Our toy store collection includes the toys that cater to small world, free play & educational toys which can last for a longer periods of time and are quite sturdy & sustainable.

Again, thank you for supporting our small family business & let us know if you have any questions, thoughts or feedback for us,

The Parmar family at Minimeebaby