Little Rawr Plush Rattle


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Little Rawr creates modern eco-friendly baby products
designed with your little cub in mind.

Designed in Australia and made with premium natural materials.

Material choices and design aesthetic are key focuses
when bringing a Little Rawr to life. 

Non-toxic silicone and natural wood combine to create a sensory delight for your child. Support your child’s development with the textural combination of soft silicone with sustainable, chemical free wood. Silicone and wood are both harmless and safe for your little ones to chew and play with as they do not contain PVC, BPA, phthalates or other toxic materials. Little Rawr is part of your curated home and peace of mind for your kin.

* It helps improve vision, hand-eye coordination and gross-motor skills.

* The mobiles encourage movement and sensory stimulation..and the best part? They are removable and can be used as stroller toys.

* Our plush rattle has a soft sound, which is perfect for the babies, stimulates their auditory senses and is not over stimulating.


Suitable for ages 4m+  
Dimensions: 22cm

Materials: Silicone, Cotton + Wood.
Does not contain PVC, BPA, Phthalates or other toxic materials. Complies with applicable ASTM, CFR & EU standards. © 2018 Bare Silicone. Made in China. Designed in Australia

Care: Clean with soapy water or a wet wipe.  Check regularly for damage and dispose of if broken.

Warning: Remove items from packaging prior to giving to child. Retain instructions for future reference.
Before Use: Wash and Inspect product for defects. Do not sterilize.