RENT: Pikler Triangle+ Double sided Ramp


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*** Toy Rentals are currently available in Calgary & area only ***

Adjustable Pikler triangle is an exercise gym for your little one, starting anytime after 6 months old.

This simple triangle structure is quite a special material to develop babies’ confidence, independence and much more.

 It helps develop spatial awareness, develops gross motor skills.

It can be used for pretend play like a fort, a bridge or whatever your child wants it to be.

Provides vestibular stimulation and helps increase muscle strength in hands and legs.

It assists your child to learn their boundaries, realize their strength and increase problem solving skills.

🔸 Double sided ramp (ladder+slide) is offered as an add on , both with the rental and the purchase option.

* The Plaid and Pine pikler triangle features 1" poplar dowels to help make this piece lighter in weight. When folded, the triangle is approximately 68" tall and 25" wide, and when its expanded, the peak is approximately 32" from the ground. Our current model can be laid flat so it can be stored in a under a bed or couch when it's not in use, or played with while its flat so they can play "don't touch the lava" and practice balancing on the rungs while walking across.



RENTALS are available for CALGARY residents ONLY